Student of the Month

What is the Student of the Month?

Every month a student or students from every grade are recognized for something special that they achieved over the month. This may be the extra effort they are making in class, being an overall great school citizen, or achieving something of note on their academics. Also, a class is recognized for their effort in Cree.

Student of the Month- December


Lavanna P., Lavanna B., Cash D.

Grade 1-

Kaden C., Sienna B.

Grade 2- 

Cyrus C., Olivia CW, 

Grade 3-

Desiree M., Jorja J., Alexander D.,

Grade 4- 

Nevada D., Judah N.

Grade 5-

Alliyah J.

Grade 6-

Luke B., Kariss D.

Grade 7-

Abby N.

Grade 8-

Brandon C.

Student of the Month- January

Here are the students who have been recognized for the month of January. Great work!


ECS- Johnathan M.,Gage S.

Grade 1- Bryce B., Kasha W-C.

Grade 2- Rylin J., Zoey C., Cirrus C.

Grade 3- Pryce B., Rainen D., Dallas J.

Grade 4- Kirk J., Alicia C.

Grade 5- Kayden T.

Grade 6- Alex D., Shaunee B.

Grade 7- Ariel J., Nasya B.

Grade 8- Desiree N.