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Proclamation Day Celebration

Archie Collins was special guest at the Proclamation Day celebration

All the students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 gathered in the gym on Thursday, October 29 to learn about and celebrate the significance of Métis Proclamation Day. The Accord was signed by the Settlements on November 1, 1990. The students have a school holiday to commemorate the signing of the Proclamation on or near November 1st each year, and the school felt that it was important that the students understood the significance of the celebration. The student’s opened the celebration by singing the Métis Anthem. Our guest, Mr. Archie Collins was introduced and spoke to the students about the process of negotiating and signing the Accord. He was a counsellor with the Elizabeth Métis Settlement during the negotiating and signing process in the late 1980’s. The students were then broken into eight smaller groups and did a scavenger hunt type of activity to find answers to questions about the Metis Settlements and Proclamation Day. The winning group was awarded small prizes. After that the students were treated to a couple of fiddle tunes played by some junior high students and then the whole gym enthusiastically participated in doing a traditional jig. To end the afternoon, all the students and staff were treated to some fresh bannock, bologna and juice.

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Audrey Anderson (Cardinal)


Great job Elizabeth School! Thank you for celebrating an important day for all Metis people living on Metis Settlements and Archie Collins is the best person to share the history of Metis Proclamation Day.

Curtis Walty


Looked like a great event! Great job Elizabeth School!