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Metis Day at Elizabeth School

Elizabeth School held its annual Metis Day celebration on Friday, June 12. The day was organized by Laura Collins, Cree Instructor. With the help of teachers and support staff, as well as community volunteers, a whole day of activities was planned for the students. The day began with an assembly of the students in the gym. All students were broken into 6 teams and two elders from the community, Mr. Archie Collins and Mr. Ambrose Lepine had a short talk with the students before the day started. They reflected on the pride of the Metis culture, Elizabeth School life in the past, a brief history of Elizabeth Settlement and the importance of being proud of who you are.

The groups then rotated through six stations around the school.

Station 1 – Aboriginal Cookie Decorating: Using native symbol cookie cutters, the station provided each student with a cookie. Students were given a brief history lesson these native symbols and their importance. The students then used colored icing to decorate their cookies.

Station 2 – Metis Sash Craft: The student’s brain stormed ideas to put on a chart of colors from the Metis sash. They discussed their answers and learned of the importance of the native sash, then made their own sash using construction paper.

Station 3 – Jig Relay: The group broke into four teams in the gym for a relay race. The relay race started with each student dressing in old oversize clothes then jigging to the middle of the gym, then using a hula hoop for three spins, then finally putting a sponge ball between their knees and jigging to their waiting partner to have the sequence repeated.

Station 4 – Games: The students competed in games such as leg wrestling, stick pulling, etc.

Station 5 – Story/craft: Students did two crafts and learning about tipi’s and canoes. They then listened to a story reader.

Station 6 - The Food Court: The students were then treated to samples of bannock, duck soup, bannock hot dogs, dry meat, moose meat, berries (strawberries & rhubarb, blueberries, raspberries) and cream.

The afternoon ended in the gym with Mr. Horon giving closing remarks and the students receiving a freezie treat. 

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